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Delatush Systems, Inc. designs seamless, integrated systems for cost-effective use, and invaluable peace of mind.

An efficient and reliable communications infrastructure is critical to every business. Business needs change, and the external environment has a greater ability today to impact your data and systems security than ever before.

Unlike former US President Harry S. Truman, at Delatush Systems we don't have a sign on our desk that says “The BUCK STOPS here!” But the reality is, our principle of being your single source supplier means exactly that.

Our goal is to ensure that your business needs are met, in a timely, cost effective manner, and the solutions we provide will perform as required.

There are many components to any project and Delatush Systems coordinates all facets of the project to ensure your objectives are met. This allows you, the client, to focus on the day to day issues of your business.

The services we provide for Network Protection, Voice and Data Integration (VoIP), Distributed Networks and Wireless Access, and Disaster Recovery Planning solutions include:

  • Comprehensive understanding of your business needs.
  • Written systems specifications and design
  • Negotiation of rates and prices and procurement of software, hardware and telecommunications services*
  • Installation of all cabling, hardware and software
  • Complete, customized user training
  • Support and maintenance

*Our experience with vendors of hardware, software and telecommunication services means also that we are able to aggressively pursue attractive rates and prices on behalf of our clients without compromising the quality or features needed to provide a comprehensive solution.

Information systems are vital to your business.

From start to finish, Delatush Systems is your source for information infrastructure and security solutions.