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Network Health Check

Companies depend on their networks to deliver data critical to their success, their ability to capture, measure, manage and communicate.

Do you have the answers to these questions?

  • Is your Network meeting your service level objectives?
  • Is its response time meeting your end user requirements?
  • Are there unexplained errors and interruptions in service? Are they becoming more frequent?
  • Is you network infrastructure configured optimally?

And most importantly:

  • Does your network have the capacity to handle the data demands put on it now as well as those that will come with planned changes in the future?

If you don't, then you are at risk.

The least risk is that you may not be getting the maximum value out of your investment. You have the capacity but the configuration is strangling the ability to deliver. Our Network Health Check Program will ensure that your network is running at its top level of performance, will continue to do so and that you will be able to plan for upgrades in a “no surprises” way.

Our Network Health Check Program has been proven extremely effective over time using a methodology that comprises two phases:

The Initial Optimization and Base lining phase combines an initial audit of the network, validating that all software components of the Network are up-to-date and updating them if necessary. Then our diagnostic tools will provide capacity statistics. The results will provide the answers to the questions posed above, and ensures that any trends in degrading performance are also identified well in advance so that they can be addressed and planned for before they have the opportunity to become a business disruption issue..

After a Network Health Check you will know whether your current system can handle the current demand. If your system, after being optimally configured within the existing resources, is not able to manage the demands, then the capacity statistics information will support the case to invest in upgrades.

If you are planning new applications then the capacity statistics will provide the data if additional investment is needed in the Network System.

Nothing is static. Growth and success is the goal that we have for your business.

The second phase is Preventative Maintenance where we provide a systematic quarterly checkup and preventative maintenance on both the hardware and the Network System software to ensure your network is running at its optimum level.

From start to finish, Delatush Systems is your source for information infrastructure and security solutions.