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LAN / WAN Infrastructure

As the title implies, the LAN / WAN Infrastructure is the core upon which all data, and in many cases, voice traffic travels. It is imperative that this core is designed, configured, deployed, and maintained properly to guarantee maximum uptime and throughput.


Before any equipment is even considered, the requirements of the customer must be clearly defined. This includes current and future application requirements, redundancy, resiliency, and of course, budget. And in the case of a WAN design, the various communications technologies must be examined to ascertain which product or mix of products will provide the best results both technologically and economically.


Once the design is finalized, and the proper hardware is selected, the next step is the configuration. At Delatush Systems, all LAN /WAN infrastructures are simulated in our labs to guarantee that the hardware, software, and configurations are correct before they are deemed ready for deployment.


Whether it's a single local location or a multi-national operation with offices throughout the world, Delatush Systems, Inc. will be able to meet the customer's deployment objective.


Delatush Systems offers both component manufactures' and DSI onsite installation warranties to insure that the deployed Infrastructure runs at it peak level and that it delivers the service the customer expects.