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IT Security Audit and Vulnerability Assessment

A company's data is perhaps its most valuable asset. And with the ever expanding threats to steal or destroy that data, a company must keep a strong vigilance against both external and internal attacks. One of Delatush Systems most popular offerings is its IT Security Audit and Vulnerability Assessment. This service is specifically designed to address the technologies and physical security characteristics associated with:

  • Internet Security
  • System and Network Security
  • Remote Access Security

The result of the IT Security Audit is to establish a baseline understanding of a company's current security posture. Specifically, this initiative will:

  • Identify the technological, procedural, and physical security risks associated with the above security horizons.
  • Validate the health and functionality of current security systems.
  • Classify identified risks based on their potential impact to operations.
  • Establish a list of risk remediation activities and policy refinement, and prioritize such based on their urgency and associated cost, effort, and functionality impacts.
  • Establish on-going security management recommendations.
  • Establish baseline documentation to assist the company in future security management initiatives and audits.

And, as part of the IT Security Audit deliverable, we present a report that not only identifies all the security deficiencies, but also spells out the measures required to correct the issues in question.

The following outlines the full suite of services Delatush Systems stands ready to deliver to help the customer meet its IT security objectives.

External Vulnerability Assessment

  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Systems Validation
  • Physical Network and Client Environment
  • Review Data Analysis and Documentation

Security Audit Inclusions

  • Internal and External Vulnerability Identification
  • System Architecture and Access Policy Evaluation
  • System Scan
  • Security Systems Validation
  • Physical Network and Client Environment Review